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Partnership with APIMR

On the 29th of April this year, APIMR – PORTUGUESE ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL IMAGIOLOGY AND RADIOTHERAPY held the 1st Symposium entitled “Medical Image and Radiotherapy – Innovations and New Horizons in IMR”.

The symposium set out with the objective of describing and assessing, from the point of view of distinguished guests, what the reality and future perspectives for professionals and students of the new degree course in Medical Image and Radiotherapy are. These distinguished guests included people with experience and positions of high responsibility in the education, hospital, general health care, and professional recruitment sectors, as well as the two largest unions of these professional groups.

It should be noted that the quality of this symposium was also ensured by technical-scientific lectures prepared by dedicated professionals, who are curricularly recognized and committed to contributing to the continuous development and due recognition of these professions. There were speakers who handled sessions in the areas of Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Radioncology, Radiophysics and Medicine.

We also had a panel discussion with unions and recruitment companies that highlighted the need to reformulate the current IMR study plans, as they do not serve professionals, schools, users and employers adequately. These concerns were shared by a group of distinguished guests, with leadership responsibilities in the area, who were part of the honor committee.

In the end it was concluded that knowledge without sharing does not make sense. And only when it is shared do we become aware of the need for changes in the future.

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