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hCare toolbox

hCare toolbox is the “Swiss Army knife” solution for all types of DICOM conversions

For all types of exam file format conversions.

Storage or Printing

DICOM conversions of exams and sending to Store (PACS archive) and for printing.

USB Flash Drive

Convert and copy DICOM documents to a USB flash drive.


DICOM conversions of exams for computer download.

Search for exams to convert directly from the configured worklist
Search for exams directly from the associated PACS
Possibility of associating virtual printers

hCare toolbox features

It allows the conversion of all types of images into DICOM images or encapsulated PDF, and identifies the exam with reference to the worklist or manual introduction.

The virtual printer allows the immediate document sending that we want to print to the conversion and sending flow to one or more destinations.

Sends exams to DICOM storage, DICOM printing, USB flash drive, allows multiple destinations at the same time.

Allows its automatic or manual inclusion in VNA or PACS.

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