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hCare@Home System

portugal 2020

Project Designation: Support for Research and Development Activities and Upscaling in the Context of COVID-19 (I&D COVID-19)

Project code: NORTE- 15/SI/2020-FEDER-048092

Main goal: Reinforce research, technological development and innovation. Launch of the hCare@Home System, composed of a set of products and services that monitor vital signs and other fundamental clinical parameters of patients, by collecting patient data in their home and sending the reports generated, in real time, to your doctor, in the Hospital or Clinic. Not limited to the context and needs of the current pandemic.

Region of intervention: North


Approval date: 2020-05-08

Start date: 2020-05-14

Conclusion date: 2021-03-31

Total eligible ERDF cost: 192.221,20 EUR

European Union financial support: 153.776,96 EUR

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:

The hCare@Home System foresees, at this stage, a set of 7 (seven) products to be made available on the market.

For the Hospital or Health Institution client (public or private), the proposal points to 3 (three) solutions: hCare @ Home Critical 365 , which provides the collection of the widest possible set of indicators; hCare @ Home Critical 365 Cardio , specifically focused on patients with cardiovascular diseases; hCare @ Home Critical 365 + Covid, which should take into account specific parameters and alerts in the scope of monitoring and treatment of patients suspected or infected with the new Coronavirus, and will allow the Health Institution to collect data on the clinical evolution of each patient, for case-by-case analysis or for the compilation of statistics. For the private customer, who wants to independently monitor a pathology or that of a close relative, the hCare @ Home System proposes 4 (four) solutions: hCare @ Home + Covid, allowing the collection of a large number of indicators that patient will be able to register and share with their doctor; hCare @ Home CheckUp, which allows self-monitoring of all parameters with all data collection devices. hCare @ Home Cardio, in everything similar to the one described above, but without the connection via the Portal and without medical monitoring; hCare @ Home Diabetes, dedicated to the monitoring of diabetic patients.

hCare Home
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