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hCare publish

hCare publish is a solution for managing exam publishing

More efficient and optimized management of the patient’s exams publication flow.

Visualization and Control

Allows daily control of your patients exam publications.

Direct Action

Repetition or new printing, recording or publication of exams.


Automates your administrative tasks, improving your organization’s productivity.

Set of tools that help in exam assessment
Exams visualization on any device
Allows you to publish exams at any time

hCare publish features

Dashboard that daily controls exam publications in hCare solutions (Printing, Burn, Portal and App). It allows direct actions of repetition or new actions of printing, recording, publication in the portal and app.

Automated administrative tasks, which allows professionals to focus on their main function (improving productivity indexes).
Possibility of positive cash flow right from the moment of investment.

Dashboard that controls multiple sites and allows interaction of actions between them.
Access control and permissions by site.

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