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hCare pacs

hCare PACS is a sophisticated, simple, extremely performing and highly scalable architecture

Your best solution to optimize your diagnostic flow and file medical images.

Visualization and Diagnosis

Set of tools to support 2D, 3D and fusion diagnostics.

VNA archive

Optimize your diagnostic flow and medical image archive in imagiology VNA archive.


Automates the workflow of healthcare professionals, automates layout when opening exams.

Enables the visualization of the worklist and its state
Set of tools that support the diagnosis of exams
Visualization of DICOM series and exam documents on the same interface

hCare PACS features

Support tools for 2D, 3D and fusion diagnostics. Automatic configuration of the layout at the opening of the exam (Hanging Protocol), allowing a considerable time saving to the doctor per exam.

Integration with own worklist or with any other external worklist that meets HL7 standards.

It optimizes the process of diagnosis and medical consultation of physicians, with fast, centralized access to the clinical and administrative process of its patients, using advanced tools to support diagnosis and reports.

It provides scalability, performance, simplicity required and provides immediate patient-based access to previous results and exams.

hCare PACS enhances collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients. All of this leads to a more efficient diagnosis and improves the results.

Possible for different levels of investment, with competitive prices and payment models adaptable to the expectations of each organization.

Tailor-made solution, customizable and segmented for any type of health organization regardless of its size and typology. Can be easily integrated with Other Service Provider Solutions (RIS, HIS, etc.).

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