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hCare burn

Automated production of medical images on CD / DVD / USB and import of exams

Automatic import and export to optimize the flow of recording medical reports and exams on CD/DVD.

Record Management

It allows importing of exams, automatic reading on the robot up to 50 CD / DVD with the receiving process of exams to recording running simultaneously.


Integration with all DICOM modalities, hCare Solutions, PACS, HIS and RIS.


Automates CD / DVD burning and printing workflow.

Possibility of viewing the exam that will be recorded on CD, DVD or USB
Enables recording of exams on USB
Allows importing of CD/DVD exams

hCare burn features

Fully automated import process of medical examinations without the need for manual intervention, with automatic reading on the robot up to 50 CD/DVD. Subsequent manual process of reconciliation of patient identification/examination and sending to PACS.

Automates recording workflow with integration of medical images of the exam and automatic inclusion of the medical report.

Automatic grouping of medical exams of the same patient on the CD/DVD.

Possibility to archive the imported and already reconciled exams in the PACS of the institution.

Optionally hCare burn includes a VNA file to store imported exams, thereby reducing the cost of storing PACS for exams that were not done at the institution. Allows at any time to send these same exams to PACS.

Integrated solution with the deliveries management module and recording management of hCare Publisher solution.

Manually recording process of one or more exams with the respective medical reports on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD, with the possibility of print the exam identification label automatically.

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