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hCare app

hCare app available for iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play)

Your patient deserves this agile and dematerialized solution, generator of recognition and maximum efficiencies!

Viewing and Sharing

Visualization and sharing of the Clinical and Administrative Process of patients and their exams.


Consult and book your exams without leaving your home.


Perform a medical consultation remotely using this secure technology.

List of your Exams
Possibility of teleconsultations between doctor and patient
Allows viewing, sharing and filtering of exam data

hCare app features

Ability to share all documents associated with the patient (exams, invoices, discharge notes, reports, lab tests, etc.).

Optimization of the service structure and reduction of patient travels to pick up or schedule exams, allowing greater comfort and better quality of service.

hCare app makes possible to conduct remote medical consultations. It allows an extension of medical services for patients, without the need to leave their location.

Effective savings in SMS scheduling notice, with direct notification on the App. Reduction of missed appointments not completed by last minute withdrawals with the consequent increase in Turnover.

Solution with direct communication with the patient, through notifications of promotions or new services, saving on SMS, telemarketing or advertising.

Tailor-made solution, customizable and targeted at all types of healthcare organizations regardless of their size and typology.

Possibility of SaaS (Software as a Service).

Integratable with other Service Provider (EMR, RIS, HIS, etc.).

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