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hCare cardio

hCare cardio allows centralized VNA archive specific for cardiology exams

Accessible anywhere with any device.

Optimization and Diagnosis

Tools to support the diagnosis of cardiology exams.


Allows a more efficient diagnosis and improves results.


The best solution for archiving cardiology exams.

Toolkit to help visualize exams
Immediate access to exam results and associated reports
Visualization of cardiology exams (in the example: echocardiogram)

hCare cardio and drive features

Your best solution to support the diagnosis and filing of cardiology exams (ECG, stress test, Halter, echocardiogram, etc.) of your patients.

It optimizes the diagnosis and medical consultation process of doctors with quick, centralized access to the clinical and administrative file of its patients, using advanced tools to support diagnosis and reporting.

It offers the scalability, performance, simplicity required and provides immediate patient-based access to previous results and exams.

hCare Cardio improves collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients. All of this leads to a more efficient diagnosis and improves the results.

System that links remote clinics with the central archive.
The interconnection can be manual or automatic, an automatic download location for the exams to be archived can be defined or they can manually place the exams to be sent.

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