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hCare portal

Web portal independent of the access device (PC, Tablet and Smartphone), operating system and web browser

Everyone, closer with more convenience and speed!

Visualization and Diagnosis

Diagnostic support tools available to doctors and prescribers.


Sharing of the Clinical Process and documents with prescribing doctors and patients.

Notifications and Alarms

Email notification of new act, document or schedule, alarms for taking medication, etc.

Login for patient, prescribing doctor or health prfessional
Possibility of teleconsultations between doctor and patient

hCare portal features

Web portal that allows the distribution, availability and sharing of medical acts over the internet, for patients and doctors, regardless of access device (PC, Tablet and Smartphone) and its operating system.

Ability to share all documents associated with the patient (examination, invoices, discharge notes, justification of faults, reports, analyses, etc.).

hCare portal makes possible to conduct remote medical consultations. It allows an extension of medical services for patients, without the need to leave their location.

In any place and in any device, our solution optimizes the process of diagnosis and consultation of physicians, with fast, centralized access to the clinical and administrative process of its users, employing tools to support diagnosis and reporting.

Optimization of the attendance structure, increase of operational efficiency and cost reduction with materials and infrastructure, allowing greater comfort and better quality of service.

Possible for different levels of investment, with competitive prices and payment models adaptable to the expectations of each organization.

Tailor-made solution, customizable and segmented for any type of health organization regardless of its size and typology (Hospitals, Laboratories, Clinics of specialty outpatient clinic and means of diagnosis and therapy). Possibility of SaaS (Software as a Service). Can be easily integrated with Other Service Provider Solutions (RIS, HIS, etc.)

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