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hCare print

The DICOM print workflow is the same as any film printer

The best exam output solution that your organization can have.

Print Management

Web application accessed by any computer on the network with advanced print management.


Integration with all DICOM modalities, hCare Solutions, PACS, HIS and RIS.


Automates booklet print workflow.

Enables follow-up before and after printing exams
Allows viewing of both the list of exams to be printed and those already printed
View any exam in the print list

hCare print features

Automates booklet printing workflow with integration of medical examination images and automatic inclusion of medical report.

The booklet comes out in the printer automatically folded and stapled, may contain one or more exams of a patient and one or more modalities.

The layout of the booklet is customizable to the image of the organization’ and can automatically include advertising pages, promotions or new services, taking advantage of blank pages not filled by the exam images.

Integrated solution with the hCare publisher solution delivery and automatic print management module, and also with the hCare portal solution with automatic publication of digital booklet and report.

Automates booklet printing workflow.
Exams can be automatically grouped in the same booklet if they have the same accession number. Advanced OCR system for automatic recognition of exam identification.
Supports intelligent redirection rules between modalities and printers.
Allows you to automatically replace blank pages in the booklet with advertising pages.

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